The Danish NCD Alliance

We are working with development of patient organisations and NCD alliances in East Africa, to empower patients and relatives in the fight against cancer, diabetes heart and lung disease.

The Danish NCD Alliance

16 years old boy supporting the fight against cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease. Photo: WHO/A. Wang

About NCDs

NCD stands for non-communicable diseases and includes cancer, diabetes, lung and heart diseases, as a contrary to communicable diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.  

What we do

Since its inauguration, the Danish NCD Alliance has initiated and supported NCD Alliances in Uganda (since 2010), Tanzania (since 2011), Zanzibar (since 2013), Burundi, Rwanda (since 2017), Kenya (since 2019) and East African Community (since 2014).


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About us

The Danish NCD Alliance is a cooperation between the Danish Lung Association, Danish Diabetes Association and the Danish Cancer Society. 


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