Various initiatives by government, civil society, research institutions and other actors are being undertaken to respond to the rapidly increasing prevalence of NCDs in the East Africa. However, limited research has been undertaken to inform policy and other interventions.


We work with research in many areas, but always with prevention and control of NCD in East Africa as a goal.

Partners and priorities

Our partner in the East Africa NCD Alliance have made attempts at addressing this gap through an informal research relationship with East African Universities, University of Aarhus (Denmark) and academia from Yale University and University of Southern California. The Danish NCD Alliance supports the research committee of the East Africa NCD Alliance (EANCDA)  in the development, conduct and publication of relevant NCD-related research projects through the research network, with support from the Danish Civil Society Fund (CISU), and led by a part-time employee at the office of the Danish NCD Alliance an increasing number of research projects are currently in progress.

Our current priorities are to identify gaps in the policy response, improve early diagnosis and treatment of NCDs and to further our understanding of the connection between climate change and NCDs in East Africa.

We welcome unsolicited proposals for research projects and requests for collaboration. Please contact:


Professor, PhD, Per Kallestrup


Scientific Lead Officer
Christian Kraef

Current Projects

  • Climate Change and NCDs in Mukuru, Nairobi
    • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (Responsible: Johanne Greibe Andersen)
    • Prevalence Survey of Climate-Sensitive NCDs
  • Development of a simple Diabetes Risk Score for Community Health Workers in East Africa
  • Publication of the EANCD Civil Society Benchmark Survey
  • The impact of climate change on health in urban slums in low- and middle-income countries – A scoping review of the quantitative and qualitative evidence
East Africa NCD Alliance Research Committee
  • Dr. Pamela Juma (Best Future Research Consultants)
  • Prof. Vincent Onywera (Kenyatta University)
  • Dr. Kenneth Juma (African Population & Health Research Centre)
  • Dr. Kaushik Ramaiya (EANCDA/Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital)
  • Dr. Margaret Okello (EANCDA/Nakasero Hospital)
  • Dr. Catherine Karekezi (EANCDA)
  • Dr. Francois Ndikumwenayo (EANCDA/University of Burundi)
  • Prof. Andrew Swai (Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences)
  • Dr. Vincent Cubaka (Partners in Health, Rwanda/University of Rwanda)
  • Prof. Joseph Mucumbitsi (EANCDA)
  • Prof. Gerald Yonga (EANCDA/University of Nairobi)
  • Prof. Per Kallestrup (Aarhus Universitet)

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