What we do

Since its inauguration, the Danish NCD Alliance has initiated and supported NCD Alliances in Uganda (since 2010), Tanzania (since 2011), Zanzibar (since 2013), Burundi, Rwanda (since 2017), Kenya (since 2019) and East African Community (since 2014).

What we do

Photo: WHO/A. Wang


A world free from the preventable suffering, stigma, disability and death caused by non-communicable diseases.


To support empowering of patients, health professionals and people concerned about NCDs to organize strong, vibrant NCD Alliances in East Africa and to participate in collaborative advocacy, action and accountability for NCD prevention and control globally.


The Danish NCD Alliance has developed an ambitious strategy to guide our engagement in East Africa and advocacy activities, both globally and in Denmark. See the strategy in its full length by following the link:

Strategy for the Danish NCD Alliance 2021 to 2025


The local NCD alliances in East Africa and the East African NCD Alliance serve as role models globally for engaging patients and people in the fight against NCDs. Civil Society engagement in combatting NCDs are in general very weak in low-income countries.

We have supported people in East Africa by giving them a chance to get organised and to develop their organisational capacity and their capacity to advocate and lobby governments, parliaments and media. We have supported them to become strong member associations giving a voice to patients and people concerned about NCDs and to engage in prevention through campaigning, research and screening activities.

The outcome is overwhelming. We have demonstrated that people are ready, they want to engage in improving their conditions; they just need a little support.